Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 98: If this Castle was Capable of Posing, it Would

Yesterday I decided to take a trip down to Himeji, and there's really only two reasons you take a trip there: To see a temple used in the Last Samurai, or to see Himeji Castle. And seeing how I wasn't in the mood for a two-hour hike in the blazing hot sun, it's a safe bet I was there for the latter. And wouldn't you know it, I somehow managed to take pictures there too. It's like I'm a doofy American tourist or something.

Those from the 90's not welcome here

Something doesn't seem quite right about this castle...

We seem to have a critical misunderstanding of what a park is.

Maybe it's a new coat of paint?

Snazzy front entrance

Fair warning, this is the day I decided portrait shots and things in the foreground were cool.

Yeah, definitely a new coat of paint.

Huh. Looks like they could only afford the front of the castle this year.

I'm starting to doubt the existence of this here castle

I think we're all the victims of a very expensive prank here.

And then the tree jumped into the frame, ruining the best picture of all time.

The walls here actually slope up to vertical for added stability and added climbing difficulty

Like, one day they decided it was too expensive to have an actual castle

And then somebody suggested just sticking a sheet over the silly thing

A well where, according to tradition, a lady was dropped in for revealing the details of a coup to her lover. Harsh.

 A little video of the reconstruction work, as seen from an elevator.

I can't imagine what it's like to just tear off bits of a priceless national treasure.

Sure, you're ultimately repair it, but just think of how easy it would be to slip up.

Cross-section of the plaster they use for the walls.

Scale models of the scaffolding and construction work

The roof when it's finished.

The roof mid-construction

Okay castle, now you're just showing off

Stop being so ludicrously photogenic

Watch your head!

Portrait shots are for WINNERS

View from the entrance coming the other way

And then there was this random festival at the train station when I got back. Huh.